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Act Be Do Leadership Program | taught by Steve Armstrong
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Steve Armstrong
Steve Armstrong
Author, Speaker, Coach & Consultant

About the instructor

From Iqaluit to Sri Lanka, Europe to Africa, SARS to September 11, Steve has been there & done that and brings to your team the lessons gainedfrom a world of experience.

Through messages delivered with trademark frankness and a mix of humorous quips that keep audiences leaning in and taking notes, Steve can relate his experiences from times when a laser like focus on the mission was required to keep people alive right back to your work place.

Steve has worked with people like you and has dealt with the dangers of allocating parking spaces and replacing coffee makers; worked on and for Boards; been a municipal administrator and operated large businesses.

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What Is The ABD Course?

  • It is a course that combines unlimited support with multiplied thinking to get you results.
  • It is a safe place where you can get your ideas challenged and improved.
  • This education program is delivered by a leadership expert with 35 years of experience who will bring proven leadership concepts from business, combat and humanitarian work

What Problems Does It Solve For You?

  • For people who don’t have a group that leverages them to new ways of thinking about leadership, It offers that leverage.
  • It unsticks people who feel a little stuck where they are
  • It solves the feeling of “not having a plan to reach my potential.”

What Is the focus of the Curriculum?

  • Leadership Action ... the act of putting yourself in front of your people to accomplish your goals
  • Work Conversion...the act of converting work to results.
  • Mindset Change...the act of monitoring and changing your actions and mindset about how you see yourself, your value and your potential as a leader

By Participating, What Do I Gain?

  • Focus...on your personal and business goals.
  • Access to an Expert Coach, who has been coaching leaders for over 35 years.
  • Powerful Curriculum...that focuses on the three elements of leadership: Acting with skill; Being courageous & humble; and Doing your job with purpose.

Who Should Participate?

  • First time Supervisors and Managers or those who are unsure and struggling in the role and are:
    • Are afraid of failing in your job
    • Are highly motivated to improve their skills
    • Are not accomplishing objectives at an acceptable rate
    • Are practitioners of success based on constant improvement
    • Are willing to share ideas and expertise on how they have been successful
    • Value being included in a creative, growth process with others
    • Are busy and are interested in the effective use of time and effort
    • Know they must begin reinventing themselves to keep their advantage
    • Can be counted on to participate fully.

What’s Included In The Program?

  • ABD lessons: Lessons consist of video, power point and text
  • Assessments: Each Lesson begins and ends with Assessments to see how you are doing
  • Email Topics: Each week, you will recieve email situations, hints and suggstions to improve your leadership experience
  • Recorded Archive: Each call is recorded and archived in the event you miss it. It will be available inside the Group Portal.

Course Contents

7 Videos
2 Texts
3 PDFs
12.0 hrs